The Fireworks Factory, in partnership with CADS (Canadian Ammunition Disposal Service), is the choice for safe and environmentally conscientious disposal of unauthorized and dangerous goods in western Canada.

CADS uses patented destruction technology which it invented, developed, and manufactured. The Environmental Mobile Ammunition Combustion System (eMACS) produces clean separation and retrieval of recyclable lead and brass providing significant cost recovery, with 97% of all material recycled. We also eliminate storage problems while addressing health and safety concerns. Data from rigorous testing showed that we were lower than any of the current emission standard requirements in Canada and the USA and we meet or exceed the strictest of all Environmental Emission Standards world-wide.

We are licensed by both the Explosives Regulatory Division of Natural Resources Canada and the Ministry of the Environment.

We expertly dispose of:

  • Fireworks
  • Marine flares
  • Ammunition
  • Weapons
  • Pepper spray

The CADS process has a fully papered audit trail from material pickup to final destruction to aid in material tracking and disposal verification.

Our services have been trusted by several police services, military, and Canadian Border Services.

Please contact us today to discuss your needs or arrange pick up.